Dear visitors, we offer you materials prepared by the authors of the Concept "New Economy of Consumption", which received the designation "NEC2020 Concept". The NEC2020 Concept reflects the current situation in the consumer economy and offers a solution to a significant part of the contradictions that exist in commodity-money relations between producers, sellers and end buyers (consumers) of goods and services. This resource presents the NEC2020 Concept in its original version, directly from its authors. The purpose of the publication is to popularize the Concept and initiate the search for its implementations.


1. History of Humanity

2. Economic theory

3. Economic problems

4. Illusions of economics

5. GDP as a problem

6. Investment as a condition

7. Taxation problem

8. Consumption issues

9. New Economy of Consumption

10. NEC2020 Condition

11. New economic indicatods

12. Economic man

13. State and NEC2020

14. Digital reality

15. The future as a forecast

16. Conclusion

17. Authors NEC2020

18. NEP1921

19. Excerpts

20. NEC2020 Concept (briefly)

NEС2020 Concept in Russian (original)