The future is what is not, but also what will be. The future of man and humanity is determined by three factors:

1 - External factor
2 - Goals set by humanity
3 - Changes in the existing situation due to human activities

1 - External factor - these are objective conditions that force a person to take into account their existence and influence when building their movement into the future. An external factor is nature with objectively existing conditions and laws, the very essence of a person, god or extraterrestrial intelligence (as an indefinite condition). An external factor is expected and difficult to predict changes that may occur unexpectedly, with acceptable or uncertain consequences for a person. Humanity from year to year, increases its knowledge of the "External factor", forcing to correct their ideas about its presence and influence, to take measures to level the possible negative impact on the prosperous existence of mankind. For example, the creation of a system for warning and preventing the fall of large celestial bodies on the Earth's surface, leveling the consequences of climate change, etc.

2 - The goals set by humanity - this is what every person strives for as part of the whole of humanity. Here, it is appropriate for everyone to ask the question - what does he want for himself, for his loved ones, his people and humanity as a whole. After analyzing your answers and what is happening, you can add up your subjective idea of ​​these goals and their commonality. It is quite easy to formulate universal human goals, because they are known, however, the achievement of "general prosperity" is critically perceived by the majority, due to the conviction that the desired result is unrealistic, unattainable or utopian. Hence, we assume that in the absence of goals common to humanity or their unreality, there are goals of certain groups of humanity that they embody or wish to embody. These "private" goals may be correlated with or in conflict with the general noble goals of mankind, in part or in full. Groups of humanity, each of which has its own set of "private" goals, enter into a confrontation, in which there is one of the meanings of the present existence of mankind - which particular set of goals will become common to all those who will live in the future. Take for example, a group that has a fascist ideology, for which the main goal is to establish absolute power, through the superiority of one nation or race over others. Or, by analogy, to build a future in which humanity will consist of one nation. Or, by analogy, to establish power and rights to life and offspring for selected "special" people who are worthy of a wonderful future, through selection according to specified criteria, with weeding out unworthy people.

3 - Changes in the status quo due to human activities. A human changes the world in which he lives, where by changing his environment, he changes himself. Today we see that a person, in addition to the usual adjustment to the External factor (for example, the weather outside), must also embed himself in the "human" world, which he himself created. So, modern life without electric power is not possible. However, what was invented and created by a person for the convenience and safety of his life becomes an irreplaceable necessity, without which not only the possibilities of a person are limited, but also his freedom, and sometimes the rights of his personality. For example, the absence of a citizen's passport "eliminates" a person from social relations, and the absence of a bank payment card "deletes" a person from economic relations. The results of human activities to change their environment are swift, and the consequences of their influence on the expected future are often difficult to predict. The emergence of technologies and devices that control everything that a computer can control increases the uncertainty of the state, capabilities and influence of this very environment on a person who has addictions, needs, habits, obligations and even duties to this environment. To understand the problem, one can imagine a future life in which there is an automatic control and management system that can do everything, knows everything, sees everything, hears everything and manages everything according to our own instructions and consent. With the existing observable trend, each of the people in the end and most likely will receive a set of "correct" needs and desires, the composition of which will be common to everyone and controlled by someone or something, where in the end we see artificial intelligence "taking care" of life in reservations for the natives of the planet Earth.

Comprehending all three factors gives an understanding of the ongoing and predictable future, where the second factor, like the first, becomes an objective irresistible reality, and both of these factors are used and serve the interests of groups with private goals and their own ideas about the future of mankind, which is not utopian, but tragic . It is tragic due to the fact that the system of control and punishment, unprecedented in terms of totality and depth of penetration into the private life of everyone, is most likely not subordinated to noble universal goals. The rejection of the "future for all" with the tacit consent of all of these, will give a new order in which the lack of "correct desire" in a person from the near future will erase him from life in a figurative sense, and then, why be embarrassed in assumptions, will eliminate him physically . There will be no place for those who disagree in the future being created, however, this has always been the case, but this time, no one and nowhere will be able to wait out the persecution.

FUTURE and NEC2020 Concept

Taking into account the topic of this resource, let's designate the steady elimination of the human factor from production activities, which eliminates the person himself from production, and, as a result, from the set of social values ​​that are necessary to meet social needs. Modern production does not need good workers, since better than any human worker, there will be a robot worker, and not only better, but also cheaper in every sense. We have to state that all the goals and achievements of progress in human society come down to one task that can be successfully solved, namely, the elimination of the human factor in any production and non-production activity. The guaranteed success in solving this problem is that EVERYONE is engaged in its solution.

At the time of the creation of the Concept, there was no reliable assumption of what future awaits humanity, how and what kind of people will live in it. One can only say that the "planning" of the future of mankind is "leaving" the control of the majority of the inhabitants of the planet Earth, who unwittingly participate in this process or act as extras of what is happening, without the possibility of influencing what will happen to them and their offspring.

The probable impact on the near future, which is built in connection with the emergence and implementation of the "New Economy of Consumption" Concept, after reading all the publications in the arranged order, can be added up independently. Now, when several people know about the NEC2020 Concept, it is ungrateful to predict how and at what speed it will spread in the world. The concept affects not only established economic relations, but also aspects of law and morality, cultural traditions. The "new economy of consumption" through the NEC2020 Conditions forces people to become investors and influential controllers of their incomes, forces them to gain knowledge and include an analysis of their own mediated investment activity in their circle of interests, with the obligatory replacement of habitual illusions with planning their real and secure future.

The authors of the Concept, among the expected consequences from the emergence and application of the NEC2020 Concept at different times, expect to see: a decrease in social tension from the always relevant permanent increase in the cost of goods and services, updating of Economic theory and economic statistics, changes in economic and tax policy at the state level, reduction in production GFR*, the degradation of discount systems, points and cashbacks, the emergence of a massive interest in investing and in the financial results obtained, a reduction in the share of goods purchased on credit, improving the environment, and so on.

The implementation of the NEC2020 Concept will allow politicians and economists to fulfill the promises that pass from year to year, will entail not only the improvement of the economic component of society and human life, but also provoke a change in the consumer paradigm, adjust the value system, normalize family, family and professional relations, due to the fact that that everyone will have a source of ever-increasing passive income, there will be a mass manifestation of interest in life and filling it with productive meanings, there will be a replacement of the state in anticipation of a financial catastrophe, with confidence in one's future, as a result of this, a decrease in crime, an increase in morality, education, health and etc.

Each of those reading this article, due to their skepticism or optimism, can, from the expectations described above, exclude what seems unrealistic to him or ... add from his personal set of desired and expected, since the implementation of the NEC2020 Concept will initiate new transformations and reforms in the given direction.

Embedding the Concept of NEC2020 into economic relations will allow to annually accumulate huge funds for investing in the economy. In the expected estimated final value, the amount of Investment Deductions should be at least 2% of GDP, which in half will be:

- for the Russian economy, approximately 0.5 trillion rubles
- for the US economy, approximately 0.1 trillion dollars
- for the Chinese economy, approximately 0.8 trillion yuan
- for the German economy, approximately 0.016 trillion euros
- for the Japanese economy, approximately 2.7 trillion yen
- for the French economy, approximately 0.01 trillion euros
- for the Indian economy, approximately 1 trillion rupees
- for the Brazilian economy, approximately 0.4 trillion reais
- …

* GFR - "goods for garbage", that is, those goods that are not suitable for consumption and use. GFR includes goods of very low quality; a deliberately reduced service life; goods that are thrown away by buyers (for various reasons) immediately after purchase; as well as goods that are sent for disposal by sellers on their own before the sale or as a result of its absence, as well as products disposed of by the manufacturers themselves, due to the fact that it is deliberately unusable or there will never be a buyer for it.



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