Brief description of the NEC2020 Concept

Your attention is offered a brief description of the Concept of "New Economy of Consumption" in defined limitations and achieved goals. The NEC2020 Concept was synthesized in Russia in 2020 and published in the same year on the Internet. Work on the theoretical part of the Concept was completed at the beginning of this year. The NEC2020 Concept predetermines future changes in economic relations between sellers and buyers of goods and services. As a result of embedding the NEC2020 Concept into trade and money relations, it is expected that some of the existing problems in the economy of any state will be successfully eliminated or leveled, as well as the achievement of current goals, some of which go beyond the economy.

# Appearance for all buyers of goods and services, the status of an Investor

# The appearance of an Investment resource for all buyers, which increases with each purchase of a product or service

# Appearance of investment income for all buyers, the receipt of which is not limited in time and amount

# Financial viability of every inhabitant of the country, through the inviolability of Investment deductions, Investment resources and Investment income

# Involvement of the population in conscious multilateral economic relations, through forced responsible self-managed conscious investment activity

# Appearance in a significant part of the population of reasons for economic and investment literacy, desire and ability to influence the use of investment resources in their own interests, in the interests of the population and territories of their residence, in the interests of the region and the country as a whole

# Elimination of the problem of a permanent increase in the cost of goods and services

# Reducing costs and losses in trade in goods and services, both for the seller and the buyer

# Sale of a product or service at full price, through the absence of bargaining in the relationship between the buyer and the seller

# Increasing the profitability of the production of goods and services

# Reducing the proportion of goods that become garbage immediately or after some time, due to lack of demand, uselessness or uselessness

# Reducing social tension, through the emergence of all members of society, confidence in the ability to secure their future and the future of their offspring, through the existence of personal inviolable Investment income

# The emergence of an economic reason for the substantive association of citizens to achieve common goals

# Reducing government spending in the form of social benefits, payments and other financial assistance to the population, including government spending on pensions for its citizens

# Emergence of social responsibility of citizens and the state in a new format

# Emergence of huge non-returnable investment resources in the economy

# Formation of a new mass economic layer Investment operators

# The emergence of new economic indicators for determining the welfare of citizens and indicators of the economic state of the state

# Elimination of some sources of moral defeat of society and its members

# Other

The NEC2020 Concept is to allocate a part of the total cost of goods and define this part as an Investment deduction. Investment deductions from each purchase of a product or service are sent by the seller of the product to the buyer's Investment account, on which his Investment resource is formed. Investment resources are placed at the disposal of the Investment operator, which has opened Investment accounts of buyers. The Investment Operator receives non-refundable Investment Resources at its perpetual disposal to ensure the perpetual receipt by Investors (buyers) of Investment income. The success of the Concept is predetermined by the execution of the order, rules and conditions for its implementation. Embedding the "New Economy of Consumption" in economic relations in full, must fulfill the following restrictions and requirements:

# There is an amount in the cost of any product or service, which is defined as Investment Deduction

# The seller, upon receipt of payment from the buyer, sends the Investment deduction to his Investment account

# Investment account details for sending the Investment deduction, the seller receives directly from the buyer

# Investment Deductions Form Buyer's Investment Resources

# Investment deductions and Investment resources have a certain status, according to which they do not have an owner, that is, they do not belong to anyone

# The investment deduction can only be used by the Investment Operator, without any deductions and only as an investment

# The investor (buyer) has the property, the right and the ability to dispose of the Investment income from the use by the Investment operator of his Investment resource

# The investor (buyer) has the right and opportunity to distribute Investment deductions among his Investment accounts with different Investment Operators, for the purpose of diversification, preferences, etc.

# Receipt of Investment income as a result of the activities and actions of Investment Operators, has no time and amount limits

# An investor (buyer) can have any number of Investment accounts, subject to the rule: "Investor can have only one Investment account with one Investment operator"

# The Investor (buyer) does not have the right to sell and otherwise alienate his Investment resources on his Investment accounts, as well as to alienate the Investment accounts themselves, as well as the Investment income coming from them

# The investor (buyer) has no right to order the seller to transfer the Investment deduction to an Investment account that does not belong to him, and also has no right to refuse the Investment deduction

The Concept of the "New Economy of Consumption" becomes the reason for the emergence of a huge flow of investments in the economy of any state whose leadership has created the conditions for embedding the NEC2020 into existing economic relations on its territory. The "New Economy of Consumption" is the emergence of natural conditions for involving all residents of such a state in investment activities. The NEC2020 Concept is the creation of a wide healthy economic layer of Investment operators acting in the interests of their investors and accumulating significant funds for their subsequent responsible investment in projects of any level, long-term and scale. The mass character of Investment operators, which is ensured by the implementation of the NEC2020 Concept, their distribution throughout the country, create conditions for investing in the territories of their presence and the place of residence of people who are the source of these investment funds. Concepts "New Economy of Consumption" is a new level of successful professional investment activity of Investment operators, with its constant filling with Investment deductions. The conscious investment activity of buyers of goods and services provokes an injection into the economy and profitable use of the population's financial resources, including those that are currently in depreciating storage or in risky use at the present time. The Investment Operators include Investment Operators from the state or with the participation of the state.

Condition of NEC2020 (part two)

Investment deductions, Investment resources and Investment income can never be the object of pledge, security, payment, collection and alienation, including by decision of the Investor (buyer), a court decision, other state and local authorities, including for the benefit of the state. The Investor (Buyer) has a lifetime irrevocable right to own and control his Investment Deductions, Investment Resources and Investment Income. The Investor (Buyer) has a lifelong inalienable right of ownership to the Investment Income received by him from his Investment Accounts from the use by the Investment Operators of his Investment Resources formed by his Investment Deductions. No one can ever deprive or limit the right of the Investor (buyer) to receive Investment deductions and the right to send them to his Investment Accounts. No one ever has the right and opportunity to close or impose restrictions on the Investment Accounts of the Investor (buyer). No one ever has the right to prohibit or impose restrictions on the sellers of goods and services, in terms of their obligation to transfer Investment deductions within a certain time frame and in accordance with their obligations to Investors (buyers). No one ever has the right and opportunity to interfere with the receipt of Investment income by the Investor (buyer), impose restrictions on the receipt of Investment income by the Investor (buyer), as well as impose obligations on the Investor (buyer), after receiving Investment income for its use. The change of the owner of the Investment resource occurs only in one case when the transfer of ownership by inheritance.

The NEC2020 Concept is universal and remarkable due to the interest of all its participants, as well as the absence of justified opposition for those whose interests it affects or could affect.



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