The Concept of the "New Economy of Consumption" is the result of the ideas and practical experience of its authors. The emergence of the NEС2020 Concept and its design was preceded by a ten-year period of study of the subject area, research and analysis, and the search for relevant solutions. The Сoncept reflects the worldview of the authors who act as like-minded people in the perception of reality, have similar views on the future of Russia and Humanity. The authors continue to work on a larger-scale conceptual project, and expect that the NEС2020 Concept will be included in it as an integral part, which by that time will be successfully implemented. The authors of the "New Economy of Consumption" are united in a group that has the name:


The original russian name "Концепция НЭП2020" includes the abbreviation НЭП = NEP, which is known as an abbreviation for "New Economic Policy", which cannot be accidental. The NEP policy was carried out by the leadership of Soviet Russia and the USSR in the 20s of the last century and became one of the brightest experiments in the world economy of all time with a high positive effect of implementation. "New Economic Policy" occupies a remarkable place in the history of Russia - see the article "NEP1921". According to the expectations of the authors of the Concept, the "New Economy of Consumption" created by them also claims a significant role in the economy of the present period with a similar positive effect. At the same time, the NEC2020 Concept is freed from political encumbrances and is not considered as an experiment that is local in terms of territory and time, but claims to be the reason (tool) for transforming the existing economic situation in Russia and the world.

The authors of the Concept hope that the emergence and implementation of the "New Economy of Consumption" will serve as an example for new non-trivial ideas that will affect a meaningful and wonderful future of humanity. You can send your suggestions, comments and wishes to ROM'ED GROUP using the email address:



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