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Human, together with other animals and all other living things, turned out to be part of a unique phenomenon on our planet, which is defined as Life. For this reason, the Earth itself is completely unique in the infinity of the Universe, which, in opposition to our planet filled with life ... is dead. Human, as well as the Earth in cosmic vastness, is absolutely unique among all known types and forms of Life.

Human is an exceptional animal. It is not difficult to be convinced of this, since everything that we see around and everything that we use was invented by Human, of course, except for what was created before its appearance. And this is amazing precisely in the fact that no one ever taught a person anything, and there was no example for him in what he did himself, with his own hands, with his mind. How can you overestimate what is invented and manufactured by human, when for hundreds and thousands of light years, in any direction, there is no speech, writing, radio, airplane, car, ship, submarine, television, computer, Internet, artificial intelligence and everything another unprecedented in the history of EVERYTHING !!!

Human exclusivity is varied, but the topic of this site is related to the economy, therefore the history of a person will be presented as the history of his economic activity, which implies the acquisition of an economy and constant care for him, in order to ensure the life of a person and his life offspring, well.

The history of mankind should start from the moment when man is still an animal, but already an animal OTHER That first person began to differ from all other living beings on Earth in that he ceased to completely subordinate his life to the circumstances and external conditions of his existence. A person began to know himself and the world around him, he stopped adapting always and in everything, to the existing reality, he began to think, and first of all, to think about how to change his environment for his own convenience and safety. To organize transformations and their defense, a person needed tools and weapons, the invention and manufacture of which can be defined as the first production activity.

One person differs from another person, and this can be regarded as a kind of miracle, since if we were all the same in our abilities, desires and thoughts, there would be nothing created by humanity. It is the mind and difference of people that make them people, and oppose them to other animals, whose needs are always the same. The differences between people from each other have become the basic reason for the division of labor and responsibilities in society. Then, at the very beginning, as now, people differed in their initial data and talents, which determined their main occupation and craft. Some skillfully made weapons, others skillfully used them. The gunsmith and the hunter were helpful and needed to each other. Both taught their children their craft, improving it from time to time, from year to year, from life to life, accumulating knowledge and experience that are now at our disposal, with us, with their descendants. This example is analogous to other divisions of labor, the emergence of professions and specialties among members of the community, which has ceased to be a herd, hiding and fleeing in danger. People have become strong and courageous in their unity, since together it was much easier to fulfill their plans, to cope with difficulties and troubles. That first society was harmonious, like a well-organized collective economy. You can imagine how comfortable, satisfying, safe and calm it was to live in a settlement where everyone knows everyone and everything, where there is always help and participation, protection and censure, always honest and fair, respectful and attentive, according to work and merit. Such a life is correct and natural, since living in this way is more productive and joyful for everyone, and you can do a lot together quickly.


The authors of the Concept decided not to publish the entire "History of Humanity" on this site, and there are reasons for this. According to the authors' intention, in order to understand the NEC2020 Concept, one should familiarize oneself with the published materials, and they should begin, precisely with "History ...", but in view of the large volume of the text, there is reason to believe that it will not be read to the end, and this is unacceptable ... In addition, it is this article that is being prepared for another, more global project, of which the NEC2020 Concept is a part. Below is published the Conclusion of the "History of Humanity", which is of practical use for everyone who will take the NEC2020 Concept for their information.


A reasonable person who observes, analyzes, thinks, seeks and finds in himself the need to take part in eliminating existing deformations in modern society, and therefore seeks to change the present for a meaningful and predictable bright future, should not wait for someone else to do it. Because the initiatives and transformations of this "other" can be wrong, and possibly tragic. A responsible and reasonable person must begin to change the discordant reality on his own, and this difficult work should begin with cognition and change of himself, as did that First Man, who ceased to be just an animal.



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